3 Natural Men’s Hair Loss Treatment at Home

3 Natural Men’s Hair Loss Treatment at Home: By the time men reach the age of 40, more than 60 million men will suffer from heredity hair loss.  As we get older, we generate less of the hormones that produce hair growth.  Graying and hair loss are the consequences of getting older.

Hair Loss Treatment at HomeThere are many causes of male hair loss, which include male pattern baldness, fungal infections, nutrient deficiencies, hormonal, and more. In addition, a lack of circulation on the scalp may be a cause of male hair loss.

What can I say, I’m a man in his fifties and it sucks losing my hair.  As I’m losing my hair, I feel less attractive, and I’m dealing with my self confidence issues.

As we become older, we stop producing the important hormones that produce hair growth. Hair starts to thin and fallout as there is a lack of important testosterone.

Not only is male hair loss annoying, but extremely traumatic. Nevertheless, there are hair loss home remedies to slow down the progress of hair loss.  In addition, there are hair loss home remedies to stimulate the follicles and to promote hair growth.

3 Natural Men’s Hair Loss Treatment at Home

The home remedies below are a combination of dietary choices and activities that can boost your hair growth; while reducing hair loss.

1.Onion Juice A Natural Men’s Hair Loss Treatment at Home

High in Sulfur content, onion juice assists in hair loss.  Onion juice promotes blood circulation in hair follicles; while reduces inflammation.  It also may assist in the growth of hair follicles and treat infections in the scalp that can cause hair loss.onion juice Hair Loss Treatment at Home

In study published in 2002 by the Journal of Dermatology, almost 74 percent of the participants experienced significant hair regrowth, after four weeks. And, after six weeks almost 87% percent of participants reported regrowth.

Onion Juice A Natural Men’s Hair Loss Treatment at Home Preparation:

-Extract the juice of one onion by putting into blender and then strain it.

-Then apply the juice directly onto the scalp. Leave it on for about 30-40 minutes; then wash off. You may leave it on for a longer period of time, but make sure you are not allergic to it. Finally, shampoo your hair.

-Repeat the Onion Juice hair treatment for two or three times per week for several weeks.

2. Aloe Vera A Natural Men’s Hair Loss Treatment at Home

Aloe Vera contains alkalizing properties that assists in bringing the scalp and hair’s pH to a more natural level; while encouraging hair growth. Aloe Vera consists of contains enzymes that promotes hair growth.

In addition,  Aloe Vera’s regular use relieves scalp itching, scalp skin inflammation, and reduce scalp rednes. Apply aloe vera gel or juice onto the scalp.

Aloe Vera A Natural Men’s Hair Loss Treatment at Home Preparation:aloe vera Hair Loss Treatment at Home

  1. You can fillet the aloe vera and put into a blender. Or buy aloe vera, apply aloe vera juice onto scalp.
  2. Repeat this application process 3-4 times a week.

Mix Onion Juice and Aloe Vera as a Natural Men’s Hair Loss Treatment at Home

  • As an alternative mix together two tablespoons of onion juice and two tablespoons of aloe vera.
  • Then, apply this mixture onto your scalp and leave it on for at least 30 minutes before rinsing off with water or shampoo.

3.Coconut Milk a Natural Men’s Hair Loss Treatment at Home

coconut oil Hair Loss Treatment at HomeCoconut Milk can assist to promote hair health. Both Coconut oil and coconut milk may be applied to the scalp topically or consumed. Coconut milk and coconut oil consists of vitamins, and essential for hair growth.

Hair loss is often a side effect of something else, so if you can fix the fundamental problem, the hair loss issue is bound to get cured too.

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